TRS reader Yu was upset when an employee of the Coca Restaurant at Resorts World Singapore chided her for breastfeeding her baby in the restaurant, and even covered the child with a dirty jacket.

The employee also told her that breastfeeding in public places was not allowed in Singapore.

Yu elaborates:

"Last Saturday (July 27), my family, along with my two kids, went to the Coca Restaurant in RWS for a good lunch. 

"The experience we had was far from pleasant and we are upset with what had happened. 

"I was chided and told off for nursing my baby girl in the restaurant, even when I was facing discreetly away from the diners. 

"The manager of the store came over and told me that in Singapore, we are not allowed to breastfeed in public places. 

"To add on, she lied that there were many people taking pictures of me and chided me that my breastfeeding method was wrong as the baby is not eating but sleeping. 

"If that is not enough, she came to cover my baby with a dirty jacket and I was fuming mad at this point because there was no ventilation for her and it startled my baby too. 

"The entire ordeal was too much for me, I was very determined to leave the premises as soon as possible because there is no way I could enjoy our meal in peace."


Editor's Note: An interesting article about breastfeeding in Singapore.