Sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee have received death threats, presumably from angered Malay rights groups after their insensitive poster of breaking fast with Bah Kut Teh. It seems that they have been affected by the death threats after asking for mercy on their twitter account.


They have also been asked to surrender themselves to the Kuala Lumpur police after being investigated under the Communications and Multimedia Act for causing disharmony, disunity and hatred on grounds of religion.

Besides an impending court case, the particulars of Alvin and Vivian and some of their family members, including telephones and addresses, have been posted online by a pro-bumiputra facebook group, Malay Right 1957. On their blog, they said that the sex blogger duo are Christians and added that they should be taught a lesson. 

Although Alvin and Vivian have apologised for their insensitive poster, the public doesn't seemed convinced as complaints led to their facebook page being removed and criticisms against them continue to grow. These sex bloggers should keep to sex as it appears race is a more sensitive topic than sex here in Malaysia and Singapore.

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