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After Kong Hee flew into a rage yesterday condemning the person by the name of "The Messiah" who hacked his wife website, a strange email was received by Singa Roar & The Real Singapore today.  "The Messiah aka U.P" left a long message accusing Ho of having "failed as a wife, as a singer and most importantly… as a human being". The hacker also threatened to expose her "hidden agenda".

This new email from "Messiah Two" alleged that Sun Ho was having an affair with one of her assistant and a worship leader in CHC by the name of Mark Kwan. Apparently, this Mark Kwan has been following her to USA, China, Haiti , to promote her album and do charity work - using the name and money of course. And they were staying together for years in that huge mansion rented for $28K/month with the money of church-goers.

If this is true, Kong Hee must be a fool to let his wife horse around behind his back. It also adds to her long list of transgression, like having a boob job, wearing skimpy clothes, using church money for frivolous pursuits, spending millions for an album that was never released.

Allegations of Sun Ho's infidelity has been swirling around cyberspace ever since the CHC-CAD saga broke. There are rumours that she has been sleeping around in her own church and whoring around with music artists and producers associated with her $10mil album that was never released. Most of the time, the allegations are unfounded or made by half-crazy people.
Like this Olivia0827. If you look at her tweets, she's quite a crazy b*tch I must say...
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Would this be just another that a half-crazy woman is proven correct? But she's not the only crazy one out there it seems. 




But if Sun Ho's adultery is true, it just means she is like all of us, capable of lust and greed. But unlike most of us, Sun Ho is a church leader. She and her husband has caused more harm than good to the church and it's time they acknowledge it, come clean and resign. That is the only thing human left to do. 
Sun Ho and Mark Kwan: 





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