SBS transit



SBS 9353C
Bus: 181
Location: Boon Lay Interchange
Chinese driver
1930 hours

I was 4th in the queue when I board the bus.

During the 1st stop of the bus, I didn’t realise my ez link card purse fell. I sat at the side opposite the bus driver to search for it and without noticing a man found it and pass it to the driver.

This man passed by my husband and asked if I’d lost something. My husband reply “Yes, a purse with ez link” upon hearing this the driver still keep quiet and act like nothing happen.

The man whispered to my husband that he just passed it to the driver. He immediately turned to the driver and asked for my purse! I was in anger feeling frustrated. How could you tolerate such a dishonest person in your prestigious company?

I need an explanation. Just imagine if there is no one who told us? The driver saw us searching for something right in front of him and he can act like nothing happened!

I hope you could take some action.

Thank you.

Fyyza mawasi

Editor’s note: the letter has been forwarded to SBS for their attention.