Dear all,

Singapore is a really weird country indeed. Singaporeans love to brag about how Singapore’s education system is one of the best in the world, and no other country’s education system can hold a candle to it. However, despite all these wild and exaggerated claims, only the fool and the brainwashed would fall for such rhetoric propaganda.

If you are a student in Singapore, you might be familiar with this scenario. Usually, the student who tops the class will be labelled as “smart”, “intelligent” and all sort of lavish praises. Is that the truth?

The thing is, Singaporeans are either too stupid, or too ignorant, I don’t know which, but there is a difference between “educated” and “intelligent”.

In the simplistic Singaporean mind, the difference between these two can hardly be noticed. The typical Singaporean simpleton equates anyone who does well in their academics as intelligent, and anyone who perform below par in their academics are just “stupid”, “no-hopers”, who will “go nowhere in life”. Such is the warped mindset of these Singaporean simpletons that it will be pretty hard to reverse such a mindset, which has been indoctrinated into these minds since the independence of the country in 1965.

In a country which places so much emphasis on papers and certificates, it’s frankly laughable that people place their entire self-worth on these certificates. If you do not hold a Diploma, Degree or Doctorate, you’re frankly “stupid”, and if you do have one of these certificates, you’re seen as a demi-god, who possesses infinite intelligence.

Hence, it is no wonder that most Singaporean students are so apathetic, ignorant and lack any street smartness. The typical Singaporean does not know what is going on in the world, he has no clue about the Syrian crisis, he has no clue what a democracy is, he has no clue about the differences between a liberal and a conservative, he has no clue about the European financial crisis, he basically has no clue about anything except the information found in his or her textbooks and lecture slides.

With such a pathetic mindset in these simpletons, it is no wonder most Singaporeans cannot form or sustain a coherent argument. These simpletons, after decades of indoctrination and brainwashing, from the older generation to the younger generation, often back up their points in arguments with extremely illogical and laughable “facts”, and making wild and invalid comparisons that lack credibility nor sanity.

One prime example is how Singaporeans often tend to masturbate furiously to the country’s GDP figure, claiming that this figure alone is an accurate measurement of the country’s development. When these claims are being countered against, they will throw up all sorts of nonsensical drivel, such as claiming that Singapore is very developed compared to third world countries, “such as Africa”.

The laughable thing is that Africa isn’t even a bloody country, but a continent, and that is another prime example of the shocking ignorance in Singaporeans. Also, claiming that Singapore is very developed compared to countries in Africa is like comparing an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. If you claim that Singapore is developed, jolly well compare Singapore to other “developed” countries, and by comparison, I mean, comparing their political situation as well, and not just the physical infrastructure. But as Singaporeans, who gets offended when their claims are being refuted, often resort to pathetic insults and vulgarities, often in Singaporean slang, which just renders their whole argument invalid anyway.

Singaporeans who claim that anyone who do well in academics are intelligent need to get their hands on a dictionary.

Someone who is educated simply means that person has had a good education whereas someone who is intelligent refers to possessing intellectual and mental capability.

However, Singaporeans, despite having all sorts of certificates and wild claims about having the “best” education system in the world, the students produced by the supposedly best education system possesses neither intellectual nor mental capability. With the supposedly best education system placing such a huge emphasis on rote learning and memorisation, while stifling the creativity of the students, it is no wonder that Singapore has yet to produce any worthy innovations since independence.

Let’s dip into the matter of creativity. Singaporeans, in their narrow minded brains, often link creativity to art, which is extremely laughable and pathetic. I’m not even kidding, but if you live in Singapore, just ask the people around you this simple question.

“What is creativity?”

I can bet that 8 out of 10 Singaporeans will reply that creativity simply means the ability to draw well!

I am frankly, unsurprised by it all. Singaporeans, with their weak command of linguistic skills, be it in English or any other languages, simply cannot comprehend that the word “creativity” is not a simple word to understand.

Creativity simply means having the intellectual capability to come up with original ideas, fresh and new ideas, be it in the form of art, music, poetry, literature etc.

However, with Singaporeans lacking both intellectual and cognitive skills, do you really think that Singaporeans have the ability to be creative, considering that creativity requires both intelligence and cognition?

Creativity is the highest form of intelligence, in my humble opinion. However, 99% of Singaporeans can never be called creative, whereas the remaining 1% will never flourish in Singapore, as Singapore is basically a landmine (figuratively, not literally, just in case any loony Singaporeans want to dispute this), where the people who lack creativity and intelligence will do their best to steal and copy ideas of the people who possess it to claim credit for themselves.

In Singapore, the political climate makes sure that anyone with creativity will not fulfill their potential, in order to maintain their iron-fisted rule of the country. To the sheep who cannot fathom how this works, I won’t bother explaining, as you might not have the capability to comprehend my thought process anyway.

Without freedom, creativity and intelligence will never flourish, no matter how the Ministry of Education plans to revamp and reform the education system. Without fundamental freedoms and civil liberties, forget about inculcating creativity in children. Things do not work like this.

Likewise, you don’t see innovative inventions from the likes of North Korea and Cuba. Have you ever seen a country that does not function democratically producing creative individuals who can make a difference to the world? North Korea couldn’t do it, Cuba couldn’t do it, so why do people think Singapore can do it?

48 years of independence, and not a single major accomplishment on the global stage of note, tells its own story. Singaporeans who are misinformed will of course spew out the rhetorical crap about hosting the Youth Olympics a few years ago and winning a few medals in the Olympics (which were basically won with athletes “bought” from China anyway), but the gross financial mismanagement of the former will undoubtedly be the huge blot in the country’s copybook. Not like the people at the top will give two hoots, considering that the PAP is “one big happy family”.

After reading this article, you might come to two realisations. Firstly, you might think that I am arrogant, my article stinks of arrogance and I’m an arrogant individual. Secondly, you might think that what I said is completely true in a brutally honest way, and commend me for doing so.

If you come to the latter conclusion, you might not be that brainwashed after all, you appreciate freedom and you acknowledge that without freedom there can be no room for creativity.

If you come to the former conclusion, all I can say is that, you’re a model Singaporean, the obedient and docile wage-slave the ones at the top want you to be, you’re a good person no doubt, but you will never voice out against injustice, against the lack of freedom, you will just mind your own business, never uttering a single anti-establishment sentiment to avoid Big Brother and his people knocking on your doors.

A life of living in perpetual fear of Big Brother, but well that’s entirely up to you to change it, it all in your own hands, it’s up to you whether you want to confront your exploiters, or escape from them. I won’t advice you on what to do, but if you have any sense, you will know the sensible option. The option to save yourselves, save your family and loved ones, and protect your future generation from being exploited, brainwashed and indoctrinated.

Your life, your choice.


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