According to Pastor Kong Hee, God cried and apologized to Kong Hee for not being there for him.

This is apparently what God said to Kong Hee: “My son, Kong, thank you. Thank you for going through this. I need you to go through this alone so that you and City Harvest Church can be the man and the ministry I call it to be. I am so sorry, but you need to go through this by yourself, to bring a change to your generation.”

Wow. Never have I heard or read that God has cried or apologized to anyone.

The City Harvest Church goers must be truly blessed to have such a great and omnipotent pastor in their midst.

Has faith truly blinded the City Harvest Church goers? To use church as a vehicle to profit his other financial investments and interests is not right if the charges against Kong Hee are proven correct by the Singapore Judicial System.

This is NOT Christianity. This is NOT the gospel. This is a SCAM. Using the name of God is a financial scam.

The world might be laughing at the City Harvest Church goers at this debacle, and saying that Christians are so gullible and easily deceived by these prosperity gospel teachers.

Will Christianity ever be the same again after this entire soap opera?


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