vote them out


I come from a decent family and have never been abusive in nature. Looking at the sacrifices by opposition politicians to fight for our rights, sometimes even at the expense of having their lives destroyed by the ruthless PAP.

The last straw was when Teo Chee Hean, the arrogant big nose just brushed off Sylvia Lim’s question with regards to the population breakdown. His answer – “It’s not in our interest to reveal” was in short a blatant and rude rejection of our basic rights as citizens. Well now, you’ve got me started, and I am coming out strong and
aggressive, and let’s see if big nose can handle it. Here it goes:

With regard to the real household income per member (including employer CPF contributions) of Singaporean-headed households with at least one employed person, increasing cumulatively by 10.2 per cent or 1.96 per cent per annum from 2007 to 2012, it may be of little meaning to me as my pay has not been catching up with inflation. Also, why is it that the real median income growth (excluding employer CPF contributions) was negative in 2012, 2011, 2009 and 2008, and only 0.5 per cent in 2010?. Is this due to the government being involved in ‘too many’ businesses and losing sight from the people’s perspective? All that the PAP’s comical wheel spinning proves is, they have no governing principles except these:

  1. Do whatever gets me the biggest salary and bonus. Dress up the disadvantages caused to citizens by emphasizing irrelevant factors.
  2. If somebody complains too loudly about the negative outcomes, change course and say the new path was planned all along.
  3. Go to 1.

STATISTICAL TRANSPARENCY enhances the REPUTATION of any government. However, the PAP’s blatant arrogance just ignores the need to respect the people. It is so used to doing it that, it has become a disease that has poisoned their pea brains. The arrogant PAP, from the top down are compulsive wayang actors. You have been exposed too many times, that the people are aware of the real truth. Twisting and using the government mouthpiece, the Shit Times, to force down our throats, a daily dose of propaganda is passe. Warren Fernandez can take his Shit Times riddled with shits and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

It would be a shame if INTERNATIONAL organisations furnish our national statistics that differ or are in opposite to what our government provided us??? Thanks to Professor Leong Sze Hian, who tirelessly researches and rebuts all your snake oil salesmen Ministers, with proper data. Professor Leong, I want to use this opportunity, to thank you for exposing all the rubbish this government is telling the people. A big thanks also to Kenneth Jeyaratnam exposing the daily rubbish of the PAP. Thanks also to all the contributors like Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean, Tattler, Barrie, Celia Lim, Jentrified, Steve Wu, Pamela Lin, Lucky Tan, Gilbert Goh ( Lim hero), Andrew Loh (, Roy etc, I am proud to be part of your keyboard warriors brigade. And of course, not forgetting the editors in TRS who diligently keep this place going for us. As of today, we shall call ourselves the real Singapore PRC – People’s Rights Commission.

Teo Ho Pin we are taking AIM at you. Stupid idiot fumbling all over the place with one rubbish after the other, thinking that Singaporeans are idiots. PAP ministers, have you no self-respect, conscience or decency and aren’t you ashamed of what your children and family members think of your daily scheming to keep yourselves in power? The hunger to keep PAP in power has blinded them and caused them to lose sight of the people’s suffering. LHL is full of “sorry”, but in actual fact is he’s a ‘SORRY FOOL’ for thinking the people are willing to take this lying down. We are taking you out in 2016.

The PAP are so dumb to believe that the new citizens are going to vote their way. The new citizens are not stupid to live in a over-crowded city, high unemployment, third world salaries, crowded trains etc. Considering all this infrastructure breakdown, the new citizens will be happy to see the PAP kicked out. For the record, PAP was confident in the Punggol election because there were 6% new citizens in the ward. How come the esteemed anal Doctor still lost to a kampung girl? Simply because, she came across as decent and honest and the people
are tired of the elitism of PAP.

Only fools think that they can hide the truth forever in this digital age. It is obvious to Singaporeans now, that you can’t trust a word the PAP ministers say these days. The 3 big slaps in GE 2011, Hougang BE and Pungggol BE has not woken them. Let’s all pray that another PAP minister gets caught with his pants down or maybe get a massive heart attack and die, so that we can have another by-election where we give them a kick in the face.

Even the USA were not spared from WIKILEAKS? and,the VATICAN? Even LKY was proven wrong in his books when the British government decided to open their files, showing that Lim Chin Siong was not a communist. Let’s all write to Wikileaks and Julian Assange and ask him for more exposes of PAP.

The PAP is 100% responsible for this ridiculous and bizarre occurrence to take place by shamelessly selling the country away to grow its own supporters and voters to keep themselves in power! There’s no need to keep mum of their hidden agenda anymore! It is so obvious that it’s literally screaming at your face! In my view Singaporeans are resilient and are very forgiving, but I think our balloon is about to burst from too much foul air being pumped into our system and never for a moment misjudge human behaviour. We will hold you accountable in 2016, when all the skeletons fall out of your cupboards.

We will be doomed, if we keep complaining and not doing anything to change the course we are now! We can start by speaking to our fellow Singaporeans, families and friends, encouraging them not to be afraid and be prepared in 2016. This is to do the right thing and not destroy the future of our young ones born here to suffer with this insane bunch of morons! To all the keyboard warriors, there is no need to be polite anymore. Call a spade a spade. They need to know that our dislike has turned to hatred of their dispicable existence and we will not be kind when we vote them out come 2016.

There are still many people out there who are not aware of The Real Singapore. For starters, if you find any good articles exposing the SCUM PAP, photocopy and mail it to your friends and family. Because it involves the future of our children and our livelihoods, this mails will spread like wildfire on the internet.

PAP, please continue your arrogant and bullying attitude. You are only going to make it easier for the opposition come 2016!