I used to be attached to this awesome guy. He was a very good boyfriend. Sure, he had his faults, but they weren't huge.

He was extremely careful and thoughtful, almost to a fault. And sometimes he would be more gentle and caring than I was (and I'm the girl). He was always worried about me, my safety and my well-being.

And even though there were a few other girls interested, he had told them outright that he was attached to me (which both reassured me and let me know that he wasn't a douche who would take girls for a ride, and was honest and straightforward).

But alas, I messed it up.

I started listening to some friends around me, who said he was too naggy (when he was actually just concerned). He was too gentle and not manly enough (he was a gentleman and really cared and took care of me). He was too clingy and always asking for me (he placed me in the centre of his life and took me as family). He was too controlling and tried to discourage me from clubbing and drinking till late (he was just concerned that I wasn't led astray or taken advantage of).

I eventually broke his heart by constantly refusing to listen to his pleas not to go for such activities, by chiding him using my 'friends'' words.

Turns out that one of those 'friends' just wanted to get in my pants. He took advantage of when I was drunk to send me home. And then he kissed and touched me. I was so high I could hardly resist.

I got together with that guy after that night but it never worked out because he never had feelings for me. I finally broke up with that jerk and realised how my previous boyfriend had been right and how much he had loved me. But by then I had broken his heart too much and he never wanted to see me again.

Girls, treasure the guy who loves you. Don't listen to others blindly and then criticise your guy. Think for yourself and always consider how much your guy is putting in or why he is doing that. I made that mistake, don't follow my footsteps.

I still miss him and haven't found another guy like him. I hate myself for breaking his heart like that and envy the girl who is now getting his love and attention."


Heartbroken Girl