A local survey conducted by revealed that six in ten employees felt mentally exhausted. 

Stress and depression were the main causes of mental fatigue with about 55% of those surveyed saying that stress was main reason for their exhaustion. 

Other factors found to have an impact on mental health included lack of exercise, poor diet and chronic illness. 

These results come from a survey of over 250 Singaporeans conducted by

It was also found that 98% of those surveyed used less than 14 days of sick leave each year with the majority using between 1 and 10 days of sick leave. 

The survey also revealed that only 7% of employees claimed more than $500 on medical expenses from their companies.

It seems that most people are unwilling to take sick leave for minor illness with 7 in 10 workers saying they would still come to work if they were able to despite feeling unwell. 

This unwillingness to take sick leave seems to be due solely to the workers' work ethics as 80% of the employees said their company does not incentivize avoiding sick leave. 

In a separate survey also by JobStreet, it was found that about 60% of companies actively engage employees in health programs such as subsidizing health screenings, fitness programs and gym memberships for employees. 

Despite there being many companies offering such programs, most employees (7 in 10) said they were too busy to utilize them citing reasons such as an overwhelming workload for their lack of time.