The Law Minister quickly acted as a good Samaritan and helped an injured woman at Robinson Road near the AIA Tower. 

There was a woman who had been hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road sustaining head injuries and bleeding profusely when the Minister's car had come along the road a few seconds later. 

"I didn't see (the woman) being hit but there was someone gesticulating. The accident had happened a few seconds earlier," Mr Shanmugam said.

The foreign affairs minister got out of his car with a first aid kit and his security officer and helped the other citizens who were also gathered around to help the woman. 

Emergency services were called and the woman's head was bandaged to try and stop the bleeding. 

The woman was estimated to be in her 20s and had no identification on her. 

Shanmugam had helped to carry the woman onto a wheelchair provided by one of the nearby witnesses and moved her into AIA towers to wait for an ambulance to arrive. 

In his efforts, Shanmugam's shirt was stained in blood, according to witnesses. 

The motorcyclist in the accident was Mr Nasir Matunus, 58, who was waiting for police to arrive at the scene. 

He was visibly shaken and said that he was traveling at normal speed and this was the first time he's been in an accident in the 40 years he's been riding a motorcycle. 

Shanmugam's photo had been taken by a nearby citizen when he was helping the victim and he had declined reporters' requests to photograph his bloodstained shirt which he had changed soon after the incident. 

He had just happened to be in the area as he was returning to his office after a morning meeting when he had seen the woman lying on the road.