Ms Chin - with her husband, Mr John Alabaster - experienced an event four years ago that she says is nothing short of a miracle. Hospitalised after a heart attack, she was declared brain dead - but came back to life three days later. -- Pic credit: SUZANNE CHIN


Lawyer Suzanne Chin is convinced that what happened to her four years ago is nothing short of a miracle.

The mother of two was living and working in Hong Kong when she suffered a heart attack, was hospitalised in a coma and declared brain dead.

The head of the intensive care unit, two neurologists and a cardiologist told her husband to prepare for the worst. Soon, he was advised to take her off life support because, simply put, there was no hope.

Then, three days after she was admitted, she woke up from her coma. She recovered within a week and left the hospital. Today, she is living in Singapore, still working as a lawyer, still a wife and mum. She is well, and she is alive.


If she just happened to be hospitalized in Singapore, she will be HOTAed! Her organs will be harvested before she can recover!

Just last week,

There was this man who went to the hospital after he suffered a stroke at work. He later fell into a coma and was declared ‘brain dead’ by the doctors.

As his grieving mother and relatives gathered round his bed to pray for his recovery, they were bluntly told by the hospital that life support had to be turned off as his organs needed to be harvested while they were still fresh…

Well, even though the patient was ‘brain dead’ as the doctors said, he had a heartbeat and was still breathing. And according to his relatives, tears were even then streaming down his face. They asked the hospital for a 24 hour reprieve, but that was denied. They were also prevented from transferring the patient to another hospital.

And it came to pass that armed police officers were summoned by the hospital and while grieving relatives knelt down on the floor begging for clemency, an armed police officer challenged the distraught women with his gun. Meanwhile, the body of the patient was wheeled away and his organs harvested in record time. While all this was happening, the elderly mother fainted but armed police officers prevented her relatives from reaching her. Perhaps they needed another set of organs.

The tragedy is that our story is not an urban legend. It actually happened right here in Singapore at the Singapore General Hospital. Under the PAP’s HOTA Act, unless you opt out of HOTA, you are considered ‘fair game’ for organ harvesting. Remember that next time you enter a Singapore hospital for any sort of treatment. The ‘organ thieves’ in my story are merely cogs and wheels in the titanic PAP machinery.

The family has already filed a lawsuit against the hospital. They have told TRS specifically not to release further details of the deceased name as well as information about their family. (We have already deleted our previous article on the sad incident.)


Another similar case was reported by the Mainstream media 2 weeks ago: