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Xenophobia in the house. The fear and hate of strangers. Live from a Singapore house.

In last few months, some of the Singapore FB site use the word Xenophobia a lot. Some say Singapore people are xeno and some say not xeno. Since maid see everything, we show you a small xenophobia in the Singapore house.

I and the other admins were talking on Sunday, having snack in the park. Also with some other friend maids. We were talking about washing toilet.

We have to wash toilet a lot, some of us every day, some of us 3 times a week, some 1 time a week because the employer is very clean and careful and try to save the world water.

But most of us say, whenever worker, relative, workman, friend, anybody who is not family, use the toilet, after they leave, it is like when they have disease, the employer woman will ask the maid to wash the toilet.

Even if the maid just wash the toilet before they come, they will ask maid to wash again. Even if nothing wrong. Even if the friend just go in to touch up makeup. Even if it is a close relative, even if it is a very close friend. Even if it is a child.

The urgent of the employer, it make you believe that they are so scared of anybody else. Their brain have problems – because they go to hotel toilet, coffee shop toilet, hawker centre toilet, they still sit on the toilet seat, right? What is wrong with their brain that their house toilet is special?

Because having a maid, is a disease which the Singapore people have. It is a disease of having power over another human being. This disease make them crazy, because it take away the need for the employer to be a human being. Having a maid, having power over another human being, make them `no need to be human’ and show the maid what is the true face of the Singapore employer when they no need to be human being, no need to be nice.

Most of the employer show the same face – it is the ugliest monster from hell. Jealous, envy, xenophobic, small hearted and cruel and merciless. Only a few show that they are good and decent human being. Thank God for the decent human beings stay decent even when mix every day with monsters from hell.


A Maid’s Eye view of Singapore employers

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