Singapore may have nurtured him painstakingly for FREE in the last ten years to enable him to study in NUS Faculty of Law, reportedly one of the top ten Law schools in the world, but ASEAN scholar from Malaysia Alvin Tan Jye Yee doesn’t seem to appreciate what Singapore has done for him, or at least Singaporean taxpayers who financed his studies.

Alvin Tan disgraced and embarrassed NUS by putting up photos and videos of him having sex on his personal blog which sparked a massive outcry in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Born to a relatively wealthy family in Malaysia, Alvin Tan came to Singapore at 14 years of age on an ASEAN scholarship to study in Sin Ming Secondary School. He subsequently went on to study in Raffles Junior College before being accepted into NUS Law when countless of native Singaporeans were rejected.

In an interview with the Malaysian media, Alvin Tan said nonchalantly that he doesn’t really care a hoot about what NUS think as his tuition fees and living expenses in Singapore are all ENTIRELY paid for by Singapore taxpayers:

“My scholarship saved me $50,000 in tuition fees and $6,000 in living expenses yearly. I do not have to pay a single cent in Singapore,” he proclaimed.

When asked if he is worried he may get expelled from NUS for his ‘exploits’, Alvin Tan said:

“I don’t really care if NUS take action against me. I am prepared to be expelled. Anyway, I have set up my own company here (in Malaysia) and is financially secure.”

When told that he will need to pay back his tuition fees if he is expelled, Alvin Tan retorted in a callous manner:

“I will NOT pay a SINGLE CENT to NUS if I am expelled and what can they do to me?”

Alvin Tan is currently in Singapore and will be attending a disciplinary hearing convened by NUS on 31 October. Going by the past example of NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu who hurt the feelings of Singaporeans by calling them ‘dogs’, the pro-foreigner NUS is unlikely to expel Alvin Tan other than to give him the usual ‘counseling session’ to ‘wayang’ to the public.

In the meantime, Alvin Tan can continue to laugh all his way to the bank with the FREE education he received over ten years here before leaving Singapore for good upon graduation.