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The May Day protest on May 1 that is going to take place in a week’s time might just break all known and previously held records in Singapore.

An estimated one million people are expected to turn up in full force carrying banners and sweating buckets, largely due to the immensely unpopular series of happenings and the perceived injustice that has prevailed the past few days.

Firstly, a somewhat unknown cartoonist named Leslie Chew got arrested for possible sedition for drawing a series of Demon-cratic Singapore comic that reflects politics and life.

This has angered some segments of Singaporeans who see this a clamp down on expression that is not even that funny.

Next, Nizam Ismail, a former director of the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) stepped down from the organisation after he alleged that he was hinted to tone down his critical views by some members of the ruling government.

It is a known fact that he had openly participated in the Population White Paper protest and a Workers’ Party forum, and he will be at the May Day protest as well as a speaker.

Lastly, foreigners have been warned to stay away from Hong Lim Park on May Day by the protest organisers, which is seen as a playing up of a non-issue by authorities.

All these events are compounded by the seething anger already boiling over among Singaporeans for years, to play out into an epic event of biblical proportions.

However, with so many people congregated at one location, there is a fear that a sinkhole might formed.

Sinkholes have been making appearances all over the island the past few months because Singapore might actually be sinking.

And online sources will estimate that the sinkhole was due to two million people showing up for the protest.


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