[Note to Editor: No need to forward this letter to MHA for comments because as mentioned/ shown below, my email to the DPM was blocked from reaching him and MHA has already responded with implausible explanations.]

I first applied for the position of Language Analyst at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) when it was advertised on the Careers@Gov website last year in 2011.

Two months ago in September, it became available again so I reapplied.

I satisfied exactly and perfectly not only all the listed requirements but also qualities which would be "considered favourably", including knowledge of (not one but two) foreign languages, which I believe is less common among the pool of applicants.

Yet MHA neither called to even grant me a chance, nor bothered to acknowledge receipt of my application.

I emailed the DPM/ MHA minister Teo Chee Hean hoping he could look into the likely unfairness within the shortlisting process and provide genuine answers (not in the hope of obtaining an interview, which would ultimately still result in rejection should there have been any pre-existing prejudice in the first place).

Of course it did not reach him and was instead "referred to the relevant department" - back to their Human Resource who told me the reason why they did not consider me was that they had many better candidates, although strangely none seem to have been selected at all since this job keeps getting reposted after its application deadline at the beginning of each month.

MHA's HR also said the reason why they were unable to acknowledge applications was the volume received, which cuts no ice because many other public - as well as private - organisations which advertise even more vacancies can do it; applicants need to at least know whether their submissions have been received and this is a different matter from the practice of notifying only shortlisted candidates.

Terence Lim