Marliana Sumarno

The mother of the driving instructor who was crushed by a tree will never forgive his student, who was driving at the time.

Jason Cheong, 25, was killed when a tree fell on his car in Admiralty on Saturday (April 27). His student, Ms Marliana Sumarno, 34, survived with minor injuries.

When Ms Marliana attended his wake on Sunday night, the deceased's mother angrily chased her out, reported Shin Min Daily News. It was only after his student tearfully pleaded that she was allowed to pay her respects.

The evening daily reported that the moment Madam Foo Lie Mee, 54, saw her dead son's student, she said, "Why did you drive so slowly? If my son had been driving that day, the two of you would have been fine. Please leave, please leave now!"

The Straits Times said Jason had arranged for dinner with his fiancee, Ms Brenda Lee, that evening.

His last call to her was at 3.12pm on Saturday, while he was on his break, asking if she had already had lunch.

Her message to him at 5.30pm in which she said she was going to have her bath and to call her when he was home went unanswered.

Mr Cheong had been saving up for his wedding and the couple had applied for a flat together.

National Parks Board officials had also visited the family.


Editor's Note: It is understandable that the Mum of the victim is feeling this way. However, we would like to highlight that Could Nparks actually do more to prevent this accident? It wouldn't be considered a natural disaster if the trees were planted by Nparks and maintained by them in order to "beautify" our country.