Dear TRS,

Thank you for publishing the story about the mother who was chided at the restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, for breastfeeding her baby publicly (Cafe manager told off breastfeeding mum and covered baby with dirty jacket). The story has opened up contentious areas for many readers. On behalf of the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group Singapore (BMSG), I would like to take the opportunity to clarify some misinformation that has come to light in some reader comments to the article.

It is not an offence to breastfeed in public in Singapore, if the mother is decently clad and does not expose more of her breast than is necessary to breastfeed.  

Breastfeeding is a beautiful act of tenderness and nurturance. The discomfort that many experience when they see a mother breastfeeding stems from cultural sensitivity and conflict between the breast being perceived as a sexual object and a means of nourishing a young child.

Many mothers choose to breastfeed in privacy, in nursing rooms or at home. Some do so in public, but very discreetly. Some may not breastfeed openly because they do not want their infant feeding choice to cause discomfort for others. Nevertheless, it is an individual mother’s choice.

Asking a mother to limit breastfeeding ignores her baby’s needs and potentially influences her breastfeeding success. A fussy baby who wants to nurse but is denied the breast would also be disturbing for others in the vicinity. Many babies resist being covered while breastfeeding.

We need to respect that every mother and baby finds their own style of discreet breastfeeding, be this through nursing in a corner, under a nursing shawl or with the mother wearing a loose t-shirt.

Breastfeeding mothers and families need community-wide support in order that more babies receive mother’s milk. In solidarity with the beautiful mothers out there who breastfeed in public, the BMSG will be hosting the Big Latch On @ Emily Hill on 3rd August 2013 from 9.30am-12.30pm. 

Anita Daubaras
Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group Singapore (BMSG)


Separately, another TRS Reader from Stork Nest Singapore group contacted us to notify us of an event on August 10th, sometime around 12pm where many moms will go to Coca cafe, Resorts World Sentosa, the cafe that had originally chided TRS Reader Yu for breastfeeding her child, and have a Breast feeding Support lunch there to show their support for Babies' right to feed.