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Personally this is my take. I do not believe that switching in and out of these companies will make any difference at all. 

I've been a faithful and loyal Starhub Customer since 1998 or even earlier when they are launching their first 56kpbs free internet connection plans and they were giving out CDs to install programs to run the connection.till date. the family has 7 mobile phone plans, an almost complete range of Starhub Cable TV programme channels and even a 300mpbs Fibre Broadband plans and a home line. I can truly say.. our family is supporting Starhub ALL OUT. 

In the recent months. We have issues with billing with Starhub where there are amounts ( not exceeding $100 ) per month bills where it cannot be explained. Where we have payments to this company of B-Link Pte. Ltd of some kind amounting of $50 per month and it is something we do not know how it got inside. 

There are also additional unknown Broadband charges which cannot be explained by their telephone operators, customer service counters and anybody. All shared similar replies ( I am not sure ) 

Last month. Internet speeds has been crawling to a new low, with as slow as 0.5mpbs for downloads and 1mpbs for upload.... (FROM THE LAN CABLE) and when we called up for support, they mention that they will refresh the system and inform us immediately. First i understand that they are just the service providers, the problem still lies with OpenNet. But still problems are not solved till even today. We are paying so much to Starhub Every Single Month, Yet they cannot even deliver a decent 50-100mpbs speed when we even paid for a 300mpbs connection ? 

We are a first world country. Yet we lacked so much in telecommunication services. South Korea have internet services way faster then Singapore. and even Malaysia and certain parts of Taiwan have internet speeds faster then Singapore. Its shameful for Singapore to claim and PROCLAIM so many 1sts.... but a simple Telecommunication infrastructure matter, they are just as good as a 3rd world country. 

I've written in to Starhub many times, and NONE was replied or even explained to me to why there was a lapse in service. 

There is 10000001 things i can whack Starhub for. But please.... People from the marketing side of Starhub. Its time and HIGH time to stop using terms like "Up to 100mpbs" or similar terms to MISLEAD the public audience. UP TO 100MPBS means its actually 56kpbs to 100MPBS or greater... so we maybe paying for 100MPBS but in fact only get an average of 1-10MPBS on a normal average day. 

Do you think this is fair for the consumer ? 

And please. Starhub. I've also received a comment from one of your telephone operator "MANAGERS" they mentioned: Not happy can also change service. Starhub did not gunpoint you to stay on if you didnt like the service. 

CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS ??? I am not trying to be unreasonable here. but I have been very nice and tolerant and yet Starhub continues to treat it's customers this way. 

Many users from Singtel and M1 also faces similar problems, the lack of competition between the telecom companies is certainly the main reason why they can provide such terrible service and still survive and not close shop. Our government should step in to intervene and ensure Singaporeans will be able to enjoy good phone networks comparable to Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Is it because all 3 telcos cant do much ? or is this a common scheme that all of them do this to MAXIMISE profits ??

Glenn Yong

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