khaw boon wan

Hi Minister Khaw, I understand that you claim that HDB is losing millions every year and MOF has to subsidize HDB because of these losses in MILLIONS?

Now can please elaborate on your statements by giving us the actual building cost and related cost for building a HDB flat, because it is hard to believe what you are saying when we don’t see the actual breakdown cost, don’t you think so?

It would be good to know every detail of this breakdown so intelligent Singaporeans can look in detail and understand what you are talking about.

This is like the nagging question on how Temasek or GIC pays for its losses or how are these subsidized, till today we don’t have transparency on this and we also wonder why we don’t get the profits from the return of investments since it was our CPF monies that used as seed money for these investments in the first place.

If MOF uses our money be it CPF or reserves for HDB, what will happen now, will we not have enough money to pay back, or do we have to accept the fact that the loan to HDB cannot be repaid back to our state coffers ?

The issue here is there is a lack of transparency, just like the case PAP Govt saying we need “foreign talent” but does not explicitly elaborate what is a foreign talent, and in the end our wages at most levels get depressed or we are made jobless!

Best part is they keep repeating that Singaporeans don’t want to work or are choosy, but why don’t the PAP govt publish the list of jobs and related salaries before making such statements, to qualify if this is true?

It’s like the China bus drivers who claim they were beaten, why don’t the SPF or MOM request to have recorded CCTV during questions or interviews, so that this can be used in court to counter what they are saying, ISA victims say they were tortured, don’t you think it’s important to have CCTV recorded footage to prevent such allegations?

What about the case of Nizam who had to resign from AMP, because PAP Govt claims his partisan, then how about all those who are registered PAP members and have similar working relationships in NGO?

What about Minister Teo, when asked in parliament by another member of parliament for the breakdown of foreigner statics, and his answer was like “not in our interest”.

The lack of transparency and information is what creates a lot of discussion on the internet and these questions need to be answered because the hold-back is actually holding back the progress of our nation.

Interestingly Nizam was speaking in his own capacity as a Singaporean and has to step down from AMP because his being branded “partisan”,  while LKY made the” HARD TRUTHS” undesired race comments in his own capacity, but our talented cartoonist Leslie Chew is being investigated for sedition?

The May 1st “Say no to 6.9 Million” has been labeled “xenophobic” but the irony is many Singaporeans are asking very practical questions that the PAP Govt is not able to answer except giving a “merry go around” answers or saying “what do you think?”

My brothers and sisters, answer the call of duty for your country, for your future generations, don’t expect others to stand up for you, please support the voices that speak for us, if not one day when they are gone, there will be no one else to speak for you, in your time of need!

Grow some balls and see you there!