Tin Pei Ling
It has been 3 years since the backlash against her.
One of my friend who was from Ernst and Young (EnY) used to work alongside with her before she was fielded as PAP candidate in 2011.
Although he thought she would make a good political candidate, he was surprised that Ms Tin was chosen as PAP could field better govt sector candidates from MOM, MND or MOE as they have a better grasp of these policies so their learning curve won't be so steep during rallies or press interviews.
Nevertheless, he said that in EnY, she was a go-getter and has strong motivational powers to inspire people to bring out the best in teamwork and was a great salesperson in EnY. Perhaps PAP had some reasons for fielding her instead of some govt officer from MINDEF, MOM, MND or MOE.
I agree with that. It takes many years of volunteering and working experience to even be qualified to blog on TRS on various issues such as Wage Credit and CPF, what more can be said for Ms Tin? 
However, he received another surprise that after she was fielded in Marine Parade GRC, people took cheap potshots at her and that was uncalled for.
Initially, that was what I thought as well. After all, PAP fielded 2 young male candidates Teo Ser Luck and Baey Yam Keng to attract more young voters and probably good looking to wet people's tastebuds. The same cannot be wrong for Tin Pei Ling as well.  Young, good-looking, surely she can pull in votes for PAP?
So what exactly went wrong for Ms Tin?
In a video interview in 2011, she said that her biggest regret was not taking her parents to Universal Studios. She also said that there isn't really a PAP policy that she deeply against.
Well, for starters, Tin Pei Ling was also married to a husband from MTI and according to biography, she was actively in Youth PAP in Ulu Pandan. Surely after volunteering in PAP and having a husband from MTI would rub something on you before you speak to the press?
It is wise for any PAP newcomer to understand your own job scope first and to read more about problems that we are facing before you consider saying trivial trite things like "bringing your parents to Universal Studios" especially during Elections.
After her Kate Spade handbag photo popped up, she was also traumatised for having a police report lodged against her for the cooling off period. There was even a Facebook dedicated to her for removing her as MP in Parliament.
Nevertheless, she said that she will work hard and continue to be a voice for the people in MacPherson.
How has been her progress so far? A quick check on Youtube videos search "Tin Pei Ling Parliament" revealed very little contribution. Her speech to urge PAP to do more for mental illness seems common sense and nothing concrete. Isn't that what we hope for as well?
She also asked about foreigners beating up Singaporean and absconding while out on bail last year. Nothing much shows up on her debates so far.
She also didn't appear on stage to rally for Dr Koh Poh Koon in Punggol East SMC in 2013 due to her negative image in media.
In one Youtube video, in which President Tony Tan delivered a speech in 2011 and Ms Tin was seen talking to the press, one comment "Thumbs Up if you think Tin Pei Ling's speech is nonsense" received 61 thumbs up.

Others called her accent fake or just reading from a script that was strictly prepared for her.
What went wrong for this lady? Did she really deserve all the negative publicity since then?
Does anyone have anything good to say about her so far since 2011?
TRS Contributor