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Part 1: Political Change In Singapore - A Monumental Tussle
Part 2: Political Change In Singapore - Incremental or Quantum? 

According to Professor of Psychology Susan Krauss Whitbourne, University of Massachussets Amherst, the origin of the term "identity crisis" came from developmental psychologist Erik Erikson. It encompasses the "eight crisis stages that characterize our lives from birth through death." In this developmental process, "identity achievement vs. identity diffusion" is the transitional period whereby teenagers "navigate the potentially stormy years of adolescence". This fifth stage is associated with "heightened susceptibility to particular developmental changes associated with puberty". It is highly related to the period where one is growing up and "experience rapid changes in body build, hormones, emotions, and cognitive abilities". Somehow, it is not dissimilar to an "evolving society". In the perspective of history, our society at this moment may be likened to the "fifth stage" of the eight crisis stages. This period is whereby teenagers for the first time in their lives"contemplate their roles in society including their careers, values, and gender role".
Sounds familiar?
Does it not somehow describe the stage where our society is at this juncture?
As a society, can we "navigate" smoothly and assuredly through "this stage" and transit into "adulthood" knowing that this is what we have chosen and it is good for us?
However, one huge difference in the transitional stage between an "adolescent" and a "young society" is that teenagers have parents and experienced, well-trained members in the community to provide a guiding hand where necessary and mitigate the "growing up excesses" that may be inherent in such an evolving process.
Who are the "parents" of an "adolescent" society?
Currently, in the political spectrum in our society, at both ends are the die-hard ardent fans and supporters of the opposing parties. In the middle, there are the "moderate swing voters". Who in the end decides how "this adolescent" ( our young society ) evolve into an "invaluable, cherished, esteemed, respected, relevant and admired adult". And in "adulthood" ( our society coming into being and maturity ) this "adolescent" will feel "assured" and "confident" "knowing that this is the right path" they have collectively chosen and will not lead them back into "the abysmal wilderness of the earlier days of being a basket case" but into the "promise land of hope, prosperity, success, happiness, abundance, peace, stability, harmony, cohesiveness, inclusiveness, equality ..... ".
Going forward, the wheels of motion may have been set. 
Would our society once again live to enjoy both "the gracious fortune and the hard fought success" of the early days and "safely, smoothly, seamlessly, successfully and sensibly" navigate through this "adolescent" stage?
Needless to say, the "three forces" of "hardcore ruling party supporters", "opposition parties ardent advocates and fans" at both ends and the "moderate voices" in the middle would meet somewhere in between and contest "incessantly" and "interactively" with one another. In a way, whether one is a bystander or a participant, inevitably no one totally can be left out of this "dynamic metamorphosis, alternation, development, transition and transformation".
Eventually, an ultimate "winner" would emerge. Who would this "winner" be? What and who does this "winner" represent? Would the future of this little red dot be that of a very "promising young adult" or an "irrelevant and inconsequential" floatsam in a vast choppy ocean?"
Our society as a whole would get to decide the outcome. 
The eventual outcome may not be the extreme of the above-mentioned two analogies. 
It may be somewhere in the middle. 
Or it may turn out to be a "weak, mediocre, restive, unstable and declining, fast disappearing" entity in history.
Our society as a whole, especially the best and brightest among the lot, could and should play a positive and constructive role in the inevitable and inescapable interplay of the three main "political" forces in shaping the future of our young "48-year old adolescent" nation. 
Singaporeans mostly are people of great intellect, intelligence, pragmatism, hard work, upright character and many more. When we choose collectively to rise above the occasion, there should not be any obstacle that stands in the way to a smooth, meaningful and exciting transition to adulthood.
May we all collectively, one way or another, rise to the occasion in our future endeavour to continue to make this GREAT "ADOLESCENT" A GREAT "ADULT"!

Auspicium Melioris Aevi
"an omen of a better age"


Nil Sine Labore 

"Nothing without labour"


Dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem

“As long as we are among humans, let us be humane.”


Si vis pacem, para bellum

"If you want peace, prepare for the war.”


Ubi concordia, ibi victoria

"Where there is unity, there is the victory"




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