Blue IC

I was originally from xxx and held a Singapore PR. Have been working in your island nation for the past 10 years, lived in a private condo, paying taxes and had contributed to building the economy.

My observation of Singaporeans (local born) is that many are generally selfish in attitude, are petty and resentful. Many are not magnanimous, always wants to win and not prepared to take a compromisable stance.

Many Singaporeans expect the government to ‘spoon-feed’ them. Besides, they like to complain and compare, wants the best for themselves with disregards for others.

For example, in a tour with some Singaporeans in Thailand, I over heard a greedy Singaporean telling her companion during a buffet lunch they should go for the ‘best’ dishes and eat as much as they can to make their trip expenses worthwhile. In another experience, again Singaporeans would be seen hassling the poor Thai shopkeeper to lower its price by 50%.

A typical Singaporean is one who is selfish and wants ‘to have the cake and eat it’. As I will not be proud being a Singaporean, is one of the reason why I do not wish to take up citizenship.

Two cents’ Opinion
*Comment first appeared in: The great divide