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Though Singapore is one of the few countries in the world which do not allow dual citizenship, it appears there are certain exception to the rule, especially if one is from the PAP’s favorite country – China.

Channel News Asia reported a PRC student Ms Xiao Yifei with ‘dual citizenship’ who is awarded this year’s President Scholarship by the PAP regime:

It was reported that Ms Xiao would have to renounce her citizenship by 22 years of age or her scholarship would be revoked.

The headlines raise eyebrows with many netizens wondering how on earth did Ms Xiao obtain her Singapore citizenship when she is still holding a PRC passport.

Richard Teh could not believe what he read:

“Absolutely rubbish !!! Since when was dual citizenships allowed by PAP? If this is really the case, many Singaporeans who are PRs in Australia and New Zealand would have also taken up citizenships in these countries.”

According to Wikipedia, dual citizenship is allowed in Singapore under certain circumstances.

“Minors who are dual or multiple citizens by birth on foreign soil, by descent from foreign parents or by naturalisation before the age of 18 are required to renounce all foreign citizenships by the age of 22 or may lose their Singaporean citizenship.”

Still, many Singaporeans are surprised at the PAP’s decision to grant the President’s Scholarship to a PRC student who has not renounced her PRC citizenship.

Ken Tan wrote on TR Facebook:

“She is 19 year old now, by 21 year old, she needs to decide whether to give up her PRC citizenship and keep only SG citizenship, else the scholarship will be revoked and she is likely needs to payback (think so). But in the first place, I am surprise with the “citizenship criteria” in selecting President Scholars. Looks like next GE, Singapore can have non-first-time-Singaporean​ to be MPs and Ministers?”

Louis Ang added:

“Just feel that this is a very pathetic effort by the MIW to try and recruit such “talented” oh “trash” ppl to join their course in strengthening their current team of bootlickers cos im sure in their hearts, they know that true patriots will join the opposition, not bcos its glamorous or prestigious but they believe in doing what’s right for the people instead of being just “tools” to be exploited and use without a thought and consideration.”

Though Ms Xiao proclaimed in the CNA interview that she always consider herself a Singaporean, nobody can promise that she will not renounce her Singapore citizenship instead upon completion of her studies at the expense of Singapore taxpayers and then never to return to Singapore again.

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