Vietnam runaway wife


TRS reader Sim has found himself used, out of pocket, and faced with a lack of compassion and understanding by HDB following the ill-doings of his foreigner wife. He shares his story hoping others will not fall into a similar situation.

Getting married, buying a house, settling down and maybe having kids. This is the usual path that life takes us after we find the one we want to share life with. But for at least one Singaporean, this process has only left stress and hardship.
Mr Sim found himself a lovely Vietnamese wife and decided to marry her. They applied together for her PR and bought a HDB flat on the expectation that they would both contribute to the costs.
However, when his wife was granted PR status, she did not honour her commitment to Mr Sim or Singapore , instead taking a flight to LA and disappearing. She shamelessly used Mr Sim and her new Singapore PR to step on to the USA never to return or care about who she stepped on along the way.
Perhaps good riddance to her as Singapore doesn’t need this kind of person. But for Mr Sim, he is now left with a mortgage he can’t afford, and an uncompassionate HDB who will not allow him to sell the flat.
As the flat was leased under a co-tenancy with both he and his now considered ex-wife’s names, Mr Sim is unable to sell the house without his wife’s approval. He is also unable to remove her name from the tenancy or apply for divorce as her whereabouts is now unknown.
Numerous applications to the Californian courts have been ignored and a lack of understanding from HDB and other relevant government bodies has left Mr Sim defenceless against the compulsory acquisition of his flat.
Mr Sim wishes only to sell the flat and use the money to help pay off his debt then put a deposit down for a more affordable flat. But HDB reasons that he can just move back in with his parents.
The shameless abandoning of Mr Sim by his wife has left him completely out of pocket, while HDB refuses to allow him to sell the flat without her approval. To top it off, Mr Sim received notification that he will be ineligible to vote on the home improvement program polls as HDB has acquired his flat, but he will still have to pay for the works if it is passed. 
This whole dilemma has left him feeling very cheated by his wife. He told us “I have been unable to obtain a valid divorce cert as my wife has simply disappeared while in the States and she did not even bother with her PR status here which has already lapsed. She merely used me as a stepping stone to the U.S. through her status as a Singapore PR. So Majulah Singapura to every successful foreign spouse who eventually gets their PR here!” .
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