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According to a FT HR consultant, Singaporeans lacked the skills set and experience to be employable in Singapore. She could only find such experienced people in India. And that could be the compelling reason why all her job placements for companies in Singapore come from India.

This is indeed a great revelation to the state of affair in Singapore. She did not mention which skills set were found wanting among Singaporean PMEs, but very likely these could be in finance, IT and engineering or may even be in medical science. So what does this say? Plenty.

In the first place the education system is not producing the required people with the necessary qualifications for employment, or it is producing too little of them. Our Minister of Education and the institutions of higher learning would need to do some reflection on their shortcomings. Two, the job experience of Singaporeans were inadequate or unsuitable. This could be a problem of Singaporeans not given the chance to gain job experience. But how could they gain experience without being employed first?

The remedy to this problem is simple. Singaporeans should study in Indian Universities as they have proven to be the best in producing graduates for the job markets in Singapore. They must know something we don’t or our MOE and tertiary institutions don’t. And the next step, after getting a degree from the Indian universities, they should stay in India to gain the needed job experience so that the FT HR consultants can place them for jobs in Singapore.

The whole process is now even made easier by the free trade agreement between India and Singapore and there will be no problem for their degrees to be recognized here. And being educated in Indian universities, they will learn the Indian culture and could, hopefully, integrate to the Indian expat and professional community here, and may even be earmarked for higher appointments.

Now that we know the shortcomings of our education system and the needs of the job market, it is easier to put this into practice. Forget about NUS, NTU or SMU or whatever U in Singapore. The road to success, to get a job in Singapore, is through India and Indian Universities.


Chua Chin Leng AKA Red Bean

* Article first appeared on http://mysingaporenews.blogspot.com.sg