I think it will be good to keep hammering the Singaporeans as racists and xenophobic. I do not know who started branding Singaporeans as such and what is their motive? All I know is that Singaporeans just ‘lan lan’ when attacked and be accused of being racists and xenophobic. And they feel guilty about it, like they are really racists and xenophobic. 

If this message keeps going for a while, soon many Singaporeans will be hiding in their toilets to avoid being called racists. Soon they will be very apologetic to foreigners. Soon they will invite foreigners to their homes, pull chairs for them, open doors for them and buy them drinks, so that they would not feel guilty about it.

The Sinkies are simply daft. Sorry, I tried very hard not to call them Sinkies but they are so deserving of such a tag. They allowed the racists to hang a label on them and they unashamedly wear it as if it is the right thing to do. Do they think, are they capable of thinking? Are they capable of defending themselves when they are wronged?

Fortunately there were some brave Singaporeans who stood up and blasted the racists for trying to tag Singaporeans as racists and xenophobic. Think what, if this silly and mischievous tag is not removed, people will think Singaporeans are really racists. And after a while the Sinkies will also believe so.

Who are the defenders of Singaporeans? Who are accusing Singaporeans of being racists and xenophobic?

Article by Chua Chin Leng AKA RedBean on his Blog My Singapore News.