We have two main telcom providers in Singapore, Singtel and Starhub. Every month, we have to pay hefty bills to watch tv programmes etc. With the recent pay per minute change for our phone bills, older events like the soccer price war and today's event, i am starting to wonder if it is worth it.

I'm really pissed and frustrated now. My Starhub internet has been down for almost 24 hours already. 

Called them more than 3 times today. Keep saying they'll get the Support team to call me back within 2 hours. No calls at all. Zero. 

This is really unproductive. I work from home and I can't get any proper work done the whole day. End up need to use 3G to connect. Why should I need to use my iPhone to go online when i'm at home? This is really absurd.

Something is seriously wrong at Starhub. Since last week, the internet speeds for international sites have been seriously erratic. Suddenly everything was super slow. Sometimes cannot even resolve the site at all. Go to sometimes cannot even load the site properly, but when using iPhone got no problems loading.

Furthermore, today my parents were supposed to get a new Starhub cable tv box installed for renewing our contract with said company. It was supposed to arrive at 11am to 1pm, with installation included i believe. We requested for the technician to arrive earlier as our family had plans to go out. We dialled 1633, and was greeted with a familiar "please hold" tone. We held the line for almost 15 minutes before one service operator picked up.

The person did not have the technician's contact number, and suggested that the would "email them" our request. We asked them if the people would actually see the email and arrive sooner, but that was all they could do, they said. They also said our timing was 2-6pm when it was 11-1pm. They had looked up our particulars too. We were a tad frustrated, but we waited.

It was 1.30pm and they still had not arrived to install the "free" box. We dialled the number again to check and wow, they said that our timeslot was 6-8pm? Upon further checking they said that we had a late timeslot in their records. We were really shocked as we had waited for nothing as the man was not even told the correct time to come. Apparently, they could not make the 11am-1pm timeslot they had allowed us to choose and simply picked another time without letting us know or declining at the onset. In the end we had no choice but to stick to the 4-6pm timeslot. We were unable to go out anywhere on one precious and rare weekend as a family. Our day was promptly ruined because of this poor customer service.

I do wonder if the amount we pay per month is worth this type of service we are receiving.

Anyone experiencing similar problems recently?