Singapore born singer, Sun Ho, also known as Geisha in the United States iwas tipped off by her music agent to file a divorce with her husband, Kong Hee after controversy heated up that funds from their church was misused inappropriately.


Ho and her husband, Kong Hee, were the founders of one of Singapore’s biggest church, City Harvest Church. The singer has stunned fans and church members by appearing in almost-naked video clips while singing songs about revenging death. Despite being pastors, the couple had started many companies for profit, Hee self proclaiming to be a businessman. It is reported that the church was part of the series to make profit, instead of faith.


More trouble has sparked after scandalized photos of Sun Ho with an adult-film director leaked onto the Internet. Not only has it been disgracing to her fans, it is affecting her family as well. Sun Ho has withdrawn herself from the public media ever since.


Divorce Rumours
Rumours of her divorce with Senior Pastor Kong Hee resurfaced again as she recently returned this week for an investigation by the police into CHC commercial activities.  She is accompanied by a male friend (see picture below) instead of her husband further fuelling suspicion that her marriage indeed is on the rock. Where is her husband when things are not going too well  for them?

Sexy Pictures
Sun Ho also attracted alot of stick for posing provocatively in sexy outfits recently. She looks more like a worldly superstar than a senior pastor’s wife.  If she is just a ordinary church member, I am sure that she will not attract so much negative attention. However, people expect a paastor’s wife to behave appropriately and for good reason as there is the misleading factor there.
Young people may follow the image of their pastor’s wife and behave like her.