I am a true citizen who wasted two years of my life serving NS. However when I stepped into the society, I realised I totally don't have any place out there. Be it in studies, work or even life.

Some of the Singaporeans like myself have decent grades but we are unable to go into university due to financial problem. And yet our beloved government offer scholarship like no tomorrow to the foreigners. Does this mean they are better? NO! Most of them actually have average results! Why? Why the government does not give the scholarship to us instead of foreigners even though we have roughly the same grade?

Unable to study, I went out to work. However I was unable to find any decent jobs out there. When I finally managed to find a job at a company, to my horror almost half of them are foreigners from mainly India, China and Philippines. Imagine stuck in a lift with people talking in different accent. The feeling is pretty horrible.

Even in life, we are almost considered the minority. Nowadays public transport and public places are full of foreigners. It's very obvious from the scene when you take public transport to work and seeing and hearing people talking in different accent and tone. Plus the public transport are getting more and more cramped. So much for the 6million population.

My point is that if the government wants to Import "foreign talent". Shouldn't they really import true talent which can bring benefits to Singapore? Even if they bring in foreign talent, should WE citizens get treated like majority instead of minority and given more priority over things like education and career? We already have to waste two years of our life serving NS. And yet when we go out to the society after our NS, our studies, career and even life is taken by foreigners.

Even we take the courage in 2016, I highly doubt there will be a change of power. If u guys know what I mean.



TRS Contributor