Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was speaking at a dialogue on 20th Mar 2013 organized by Standard Chartered Bank [Link] with US Federal Reserve and former chairman of US President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Paul Volcker. Also included was Standard Chartered group CEO Peter Sands.

Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said that one key factor for Singapore’s success is the confidence people have in the country. Mr Lee said investors have confidence because of Singapore’s sound institutions, and to build them the country must have a stable government.

To boast on the various Foreign Talents available in Singapore by his PAP government’s Pro immigration policy, Mr Lee claimed, “We have the some of the most talented Indians from India, most talented Chinese and most talented Caucasians for companies to tap on”.

Question: Why No Malay Muslim talents Among your mentioned talents to show, Mr Lee Kuan Yew?

That vocal claim also showed up Lee Kuan Yew and the government’s systematic displacement and side casting of any potential Malay Muslim Talents who are part of the four main racial ethnic groups of Singapore to date.

In the first place, the current government’s pro foreign talent immigration clearly does take in any Malay Muslim Talent from any of the neighbouring countries nor has plans for that – why nothing to show or claim upon?

Instead as Lee Kuan Yew stated, only multi “Talents” from the best in India, china and rest of Caucasian world (either USA, Europe Or Anywhere).

Of course there are the Philippine Talents who are another strong pool but are not equated on the same level as the China/India immigrant talents by LKY’s assessment as a natural bias putting down them as more not on the same standards as his preferred Talents.

LKY’s continuous writings and public rants as Malay Muslims “not integrated” in his famous bigoted story about Malays not sharing last grain of rice with their own than a Chinese neighbour has historically shown up his racially bias undertones towards the Malays. Many Singaporeans have rejected his racist nonsense.

The plan laid out in the 6.9 million White Paper which most Singaporeans have rejected, can only shrink the Malay Muslim population further since Mr Lee Kuan Yew only wants “bright Indians, bright Chinese, bright Caucasians” in his speech.

Mr Lee, you may not know it but the opposite is slowly happening – Singaporeans are gradually losing confidence in the country especially with your government’s population plan to flood Singapore with even more “foreign talents” and selective ethnic talent development.


Mohamed Kassim